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SK-Bioride started as a pilot project with the main aim of raising public awareness about ecological solutions in the transport sector. The pilot project was launched in April 2021 by the Slovak road freight carrier Yellow Express, in cooperation with the biodiesel producer Meroco and Združenie pre výrobu a využitie biopalív - Slovak Biofuels Association.  

A special green-yellow labeled truck running on pure biodiesel (B100) has started its journey around Slovakia, proving it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero from the first second it’s on the road.

Taking into consideration the great potential for increasing the biodiesel share in the fuel blend and related greenhouse gas emissions reduction when applied in different types of vehicles, the Biojazda.sk project started to expand: 

Envien Group, the biggest biofuel producer in the CEE region, took its part in the emission reduction process in placing new vehicles able to run on B30 fuel (30% biodiesel share) in its car fleet, with an estimated additional 15% emissions reduction compared to standard B7 fuel. 

Also, the EG STS company has started tests of B20 fuel (20% share of biodiesel in the blend) in two tractors currently used for field work in the Orechová Potôň region of Slovakia, with a strong intention of introducing B20 fuel as standard for agricultural technology capable of using this blend of fuel.

It’s crucial to seek out advanced solutions to reach emissions reduction in transport, as the transport sector is one of the biggest emitters.

We encourage you to read about different options for transport greening, coming hand in hand with meeting climate protection targets, and also about Slovakia’s compulsory goals. We’ll be glad to have you join us – people with ambitious economic as well as sustainable thinking.

We wish you a pleasant SK-Bioride!

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